Group/Organisation Councillor
Parish and Town Council Association Cllr Beard
Newent Memorial Hall Committee Cllrs Mrs Howley and Mrs Marcovecchio
Newent United Charity – Appointee Cllr Mrs Howley
Newent Allotment Association Cllrs Mrs Marcovecchio and Mrs Draper
Community Safety Partnership Cllrs Mrs Moseley and Ms Birkan
Cliffords Mesne Village Hall Committee Cllr Mrs Wadley
Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum Cllrs Beard and Mrs Howley
Newent Business Club Cllrs Mrs Howley  Beard & Mrs Odhiambo
Newent Initiative Trust Cllrs Mrs Moseley, Mrs Howley, Mrs Marcovecchio
Newent Doctors/Patient Discussion Group Cllr Mrs Duffield
Newent Onion Fayre Cllr Heathfield
Forest of Dean Health Forum Cllr Mrs Wadley
Forest of Dean Emergency Planning Cllr Mrs Howley
Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association Cllr Mrs Wadley
Forest Youth Association Cllr Mrs Moseley
Forest Economic Partnership Cllr Mrs Odhiambo
Newent Dolphin Club Cllr Heathfield