Strategic Plan (117.3 KiB)


NameDocument IDDate Published
Model Publication Scheme 8421st September 2016
Freedom Of Information Policy 8521st September 2016
Grant and Donation Awarding Policy1386th December 2016
Grant Awarding Policy1396th December 2016
Grant Awarding Policy1406th December 2016
Grant Application Form1426th December 2016
Cemetery Rules And Regulations 201616522nd February 2017
Planning - Pre-application Policy18712th April 2017
Land and Buildings Asset Register35120th June 2018
Land and Buildings Asset Register35220th June 2018
Update - 11.10.201840411th October 2018
Newent NA Designaton40511th October 2018
Newent NA Map40611th October 2018
Equality Policy44823rd January 2019
Complaints Procedure45230th January 2019
Risk Assessment 45530th January 2019
Training Policy45630th January 2019
Financial Regulations 201948026th February 2019
Standing Orders 201948126th February 2019
Scheme Of Delegation 48226th February 2019
Community Engagement48326th February 2019
Code Of Conduct48426th February 2019